cefar annual awards 2020-21

The CEFAR Annual Awards aim to honor students who have engaged in a FinTech industrial project as lined up by CEFAR Academy (i.e. CEFAR Project) for attainment of academic credits and delivered outstanding performance in the project by demonstrating their ability and skills in analysing a real-life business problem and applying extensive knowledge and concepts to derive proper solutions and deliverables for the project. Three students were presented the 2020-21 awards. 

Awardee: LAM Ka Kit
Project Title: Comparative Study of Digital Identity and Opportunities in  Hong Kong using iAM Smart in Banking Application as an  Example

Project Abstract:
A secure digital identity system is needed as the foundation of digital transactions. This project adopts iAM Smart function and develops a website. iAM Smart log-in integration is completed. Next stage can perform an online application form submission. This project helps develop iAM Smart system into a globally recognized identity certification system for individuals and organizations, and promote securely digital transactions and contracts.

Awardee: LOUIE Wai Tak Frank
Project Title:
VIRTUAL BANKING: VISIBLE OR INVISIBLE? Embedded banking services unintentionally in our daily  life

Project Abstract:
The HKMA issued 8 licenses of virtual bank in 2018. The virtual banks will grow up in tough soil and hard to survive due to the competitions from the existing strong incumbents in Hong Kong and strong regulatory. This project is to suggest virtual bank a way to success in Kong Hong and expand it to the oversea markets.


Awardee:  MA Chin Fung Victor
Project Title: P2M Collection Model

Project Abstract:
Traditional retail stores are also expanding their business by O2O. This project researches and analyzes the consumer and merchant behavior on mobile POS collection and create a user friendly journey, designs and customer/merchant adoption strategy of the new POS solution. This will enhance the current POS solutions for online merchants to receive payments from consumers / personal customers.

Completed Projects in 2020-21

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